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Still Leading the Way...TCMHS Innovations

Integrated Primary Care (IPC) Tri-County is leading the way to Integrated Primary Care Collaborative in Maine with support from the Maine Health Access Foundation. In 2009, we were selected for a three year project to build an integrated care system in the Rumford area with three medical practices. The results were so successful we were selected in 2010 to duplicate the project in Northern Cumberland County with five medical practices associated with Bridgton Hospital. By working more closely with pediatricians and primary care physicians, we believe we can break down some of the barriers to early identification and treatment, and increase the well-being of children, families, and adults with mental illness. Our unique model reaches far beyond co-location to true integration.  It features:

Integration vs. Co-location

“Tri-County’s model is unique in the nation in its full integration, continuity of care, and sustainability.”  Becky Boober, Grant Administrator, Maine Health Access Foundation

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Telepsychiatry: Expanding Access to Care
For people living in rural areas, a regular visit to a psychiatrist used to be mean a long drive or ride on public transportation - if you could get an appointment, and if transportation was available. This year we have made it easier, with telemedicine! We use a secure, high speed internet connection and large flat screen monitors. Consumers sit with a member of their treatment team and converse with our Medical Director Tom Sneed, M.D. from another location. This allows Dr. Sneed to spend less time on the road and more time to see patients. The service is available at all of our clinics, and also in primary care doctors' offices in Rumford and Bridgton. For people like Mary (not her real name), it has been a relief. Mary lives with severe anxiety, and her monthly trip to Lewiston from Rumford was an all-day ordeal and always stressful for her. Now it is as easy as turning on a computer. We are grateful to the Betterment Fund for financial support of this project.